Complaints Redressal Cell at Divisional Level in Punjab

In continuation of this Department’s Recruitment Policy (2016-17) for School Specific Educators and SSE (Assistant Education Officer) dated 09.09.2016 the Chief Minister Punjab has been pleased to constitute Complaints Redressal Cell at Divisional Level for Redressal of complaints.The composition of the Complaints Redressal Cell is as under:

a. Retired Judge of High Court or Sessions Court Chairman
b. One nominee of the School Education Department not below Grade-19 Member
c. Commissioner or his nominee not below the rank of Additional Commissioner Member / Secretary


a)- The complaints shall be processed and considered by the CRC.

b)- The Chairman will forward recommendations of CRC to the concerned

c)- Chairman Recruitment Committee / DCO for further necessary action.

d)- The EDO (Edu) or complainant may also file review petition before the Complaint Redressal Cell within 30 days.

e)- The EDO (Edu) or complainant against the decision of Complaints Redressal Cell on review petition may also file appeal before the Secretary School Education within thirty days.

f)- The nominee of the School Education Department shall forward monthly report by 10th of each month to the Additional Secretary (Schools), School Education

1)- At least one meeting shall be convened by the Complaints Redressal Cell in a Composition of the Complaints Redressal Cells for each Division is as under:

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