Federal Government Email & Internet Policy

If you are working as a Government employee in Federal department then you must have some knowledge about the policy of Email and Internet. This policy is applied on all the federal employees working in federal government departments.

The Government of Pakistan encourages Government organizations and their employees to use E-Mail, Internet, organizational websites and other means of electronic media to conduct the business of Government to communicate with other officers within Government and with general public to gather information relevant to their duties, and to develop expertise in using such tools and services.

The continued effort of the relevant departments is gradually shifting the functioning of the government offices to paperless environment. A number of steps have been taken while others are in progress, to provide necessary hardware and software to equip all offices of the Federal Government to use these modern tools to enhance their proficiency and improve responses to the public demands.

While the modern tools and services have enormous facilitation, they pose great vulnerabilities to the systems through inadvertent or deliberate actions by organizations or individuals in disclosing classified information in an unauthorized manner or for unlawful activities. There is thus a need to lay down policy framework for the government organizations to use these tools and services in an organized manner to ensure security of information and networks.

Cabinet Division in consultation with various stake holders, and with the assistance of technical and security related organizations is instituting this policy to help Government organizations/individuals to benefit from availability of E-Mail, Internet and organizational Websites, in a manner that it does not compromise national security.

The intention of this policy is to establish a culture of openness, trust, integrity and not to impose unnecessary restrictions. The systems covered in the policy are to be used for official business in serving the interest of Federal Government and its operations. Effective security is a team effort involving the participation and support of every employee and affiliate who deals with the information and/or information systems. It is the responsibilities of every computer user to follow these guidelines, in letter and spirit to ensure optimum efficiency without compromising security of official information.

The policy aims at meeting following objectives:

a. To provide guidelines to government organizations on use of electronic ways of communications (E-Mail, file servers, web sites/portals) for exchange of unclassified official correspondence in a controlled and efficient manner.

b. To illustrate essential hardware/software required to establish an E-Mail exchange/ Internet infrastructure.

c. To lay down security parameters for use of Internet/E-Mail.

d. To institute a system of periodic technical audit to assist government organizations, establish and maintain secure and reliable data network environment.

e. To provide broad guidelines on creating departmental security standards to ensure network/system (software/hardware) security.





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