Retention of Offices of District Government in New District Setup

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that Punjuab Local Government Ordinance-2001 is going to be repealed upon prumulgation of Punjab Local Government Act, 2013. As a result setup of District Government will become non-existent on promulgation of Punjab Local Government Act, 2013. A new setup will come into force under the Punjab Civil Administration Ordinance, 2016. Therefore, Certain Posts need to be abolished and Local Government System and General Administration Setup.The Following posts are going to be abolished;

Sr.NO Nomenclature of the Post
i) Executive District Officer(Finance & Planning)
ii) Executive District Officer(Community Development)
iii) District Officer(Human Resource Management)

The offices of these posts have been overseeing the budget matters, development schemes of the district and sports, social welfare, civil defence, respectively. It is necessary that some offices be created that can inherit the legacy mendate of these offices for a smooth confusion free transition. Therefore, the following three posts are going to be created in place of above posts, which will look into the legacy work and mandate of the provincial Government.

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